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Welcome to Starlight ROGUE

This game is under development for about 5 months now. The progress is about 50-60% complete. The developer quit his job as a graphic designer to pursue his game development dreams. You can view more details on the website http://starlightrogue.com or our subreddit http://reddit.com/r/starlightrogue

Your Game, Your Way

As a Renegade Member of the Threefold Light, you have absolute freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Grow Your World

Unlock more goodies as you progress. How will that peculiar unlocked object affect your next playthrough? Gotta unlock them all!

Modular Spaceships

Imagine if one of your guns on your Spaceship got destroyed, and you end up destroying your pursuer. Thanks for those guns.

Infinite Universe

Just like how the universe may be truly infinite, Starlight ROGUE also features a truly infinite universe for you to explore and conquer.

A True Roguelike

A true-to-the-core Roguelike experience. Procedural Generation, check. Multiple Playthroughs, check. Beer, check.

Crafted with Love

And most importantly, remember that this project is crafted with love and passion by a fellow (hardcore) gamer.

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